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Chew Lih Ren


​Prof. Chew Lih Ren is a BJJ black belt Instructor at AOS Studio Jiujitsu in Malaysia, under the guidance of Prof. Bruno Barbosa from Team Buda. 


With over 12 years of BJJ experience, he has competed in many international level BJJ competitions around the world. Not only has he has competed in the USA, Japan and South Korea, he has also been active in many regional events in Thailand, Singapore and of course Malaysia. These include events such as IBJJF, Grappling Industries & Dumau International Jiujitsu Championship. In order to challenge himself he has competed in many different grappling rulesets as well. 


Recently Prof Ren have been focusing on his submission grappling skills and won the ADCC Philippines 2019 Pro division, conquering both his own weight class and the absolute division.

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