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BJJ Classes

Our adult BJJ classes are structured in technical instruction and supervised sparring and are offered in both gi and no gi.


They are instructed by either of our team of instructors, supervised by our resident black belt head instructors Ngeoh and Ren.

Kid's BJJ Classes

Currently our kids classes cater for ages 7 to 12 and are based on not only on teaching jiujutsu but also incorporating fun games for the kids to enjoy.


For teenagers 13 and above, we do recommend that they consult with our instructors to see if they should join our adult classes


Private Tuition Classes

We offer Private Tuition Classes with our instructors.  

Please contact us to find out more. 

Open Mat Sessions

Open Mats are sessions where the mats are open for practice and rolling with a colour belt around to supervise


Positional Sparring

Sparring sessions starting out in certain position with specific end points where you reset. 


Sessions for repetition of techniques to ingrain muscle memory