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  • Do you have any beginners classes? I'm completely new to BJJ
    Yes we have fundamentals classes specially for beginners! It is specially designed for beginners at BJJ as we know a lot of people find BJJ tricky to learn at the start. The course gives a comprehensive look at the fundamentals over 6 months to get someone knowledgeable to have even more fun rolling. It is designed to be digestible and easy to learn for complete beginners. Please see this post for more info on our specially designed fundamentals course. Please see this post for a recent update on our fundamentals course
  • Is there parking nearby?
    Yes, there is a basement car park at Hartamas Shopping Centre with a rate of RM3 for the first hour and RM1 for the subsequent hours on weekdays. They charge a flat rate of RM2 per entry on weekends. We recommend parking near pillar E, and walking up the staircase to reach Block E. You will find the entrance to our gym on the right side of KK Mart. There are also some parking spaces outside the mall, but that is very limited.
  • How do I find the gym?
    We are located at Block E, unit 13, on the third floor. You can find the staircase to our academy on the right side of KK Mart. Just look out for this sign!
  • Do you have any restroom and shower facilities?
    Yes we have shower and restroom facilities. Please do remember to bring your own towels and toiletries.
  • Do you offer trial classes?
    Yes we offer a free trial week. Please click on the AOS logo at the top to go to our home page where you can sign up for the free trial and book a session.
  • How often are the mats cleaned?
    The mats are cleaned and sanitized after every training session
  • Do you have any gis for rent?
    Gi rental is free if you are under the free trial. For drop in and members, gi rental is RM15. Thank you.
  • What ages are appropriate for kids classes?
    Our kids classes are split into two different age groups. We have kids from 4-7 years old in one group and kids from 8-12 in another group. For kids 13 and older they are welcome to join our adult classes.
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