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7, Jalan Robson, Taman Persiaran Desa, 50460, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Come have Your Child Experience the Fun of Brazilian Jiujitsu

Get a free one week trial for 4-12 year olds.

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After signing up for the free trial, please pick the class session best for you and your child in the schedule below. Thanks.

BJJ Kids (4-7)

BJJ Kids (4-7)

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Why Should Your Kids Learn Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) Instead Of Other Martial Arts?

Learn a Martial Art

What is BJJ?


BJJ is a grappling martial art that focuses on controlling an opponent on the ground.

Known as the gentle art, BJJ is very well suited as a martial art for kids to learn as it depends on leverage and technique instead of force.

BJJ is also unlike other martial arts in that your kids won't get bored of it.

Self Defense/Anti-bullying

BJJ is an extremely effective martial art for self defense (anti-bullying) as most fights, especially kids fights go to the ground. 

Further BJJ was designed to take on bigger opponents.

Physical Activity, discipline, Modesty, Humility

Like other martial arts, BJJ does have the benefits of physical activity and learning discipline thru the martial arts. 

Build Confidence & relieve Stress

BJJ not only improves kid's physical confidence but also their mental confidence over time due to the problem solving nature of BJJ. 

Rolling is also great for stress relief for kids as it's a very immersive exercise


it's fun!

Rolling around is a lot of fun! BJJ is a fun game for most kids to play 

Grappling sports such as BJJ allow for safe sparring for kids to have fun. 

Why Join AOS?

BJJ focused gym

AOS is a BJJ focused gym in Klang Valley, so we are able to offer more classes on the schedule.


Being BJJ focused, we are aiming to grow a team that is specialized and highly skilled in BJJ, as we believe that it is even more fun and rewarding to roll at a higher level!

Very highly skilled instructors

Our team of instructors are accomplished skill wise and most of them have won many competitions. 

The instruction is overseen by our two  black belt instructors

Convenient Facilities

Senidng your kids to the gym shouldn't be a hassle!

AOS is equipped with free parking, nice clean mats, air conditioning, and hot showers for the convenience of our members.

Structured courses

Our instructors are currently preparing a structured curriculum, so that kids can learn easier and faster to pick up the sport.