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3 New BJJ Gears You can Get at AOS Studio

Updated: May 30

Is your old BJJ gear worn out or you're just looking for something new? AOS Studio got some brand new gears in stock that guarantee you will be rolling in style.

#1 Titan Gi (RM250)

Feels like a lifetime without new gis due to the global gi shortage (yes, potatoes aren't the only essentials that the world were short on), but gis are finally back in stock!

Quality gi without breaking the bank! For only RM250, this black Titan Gi will have you looking and feeling stylish and comfortable while rolling. Sizes available in A0, A1, and A2. Come and get yours now!

#2 Mouth Guard (RM35)

One of the more underrated BJJ gears in training, some people might even think, "Is a mouth guard really necessary in BJJ?". Well, all it takes is a stray elbow or knee to the mouth, and *poof* you need a visit from the tooth fairy.


✅ Prevent biting your lips, gums, and tongue

✅ Protect your teeth from getting chipped

✅ Boil and bite: fit and feel of a custom-made mouth guard

Even if you already own a mouth guard, did you know it is recommended for you to replace your mouth guard every 6 months? Mouth guards will get worn out and become less effective in protecting your teeth. So, is it time for you to get new ones?

#3 Aesthetic Belt (RM60)

From one of our favourite local BJJ brands, we have belts from Aesthetic for sale. Got promoted from a white to a blue? We have blue belt from Aesthetic too!

Want other gear from Aesthetic? We've got gis for sale. Chat us to check available sizes.

On the other hand, we have basic BJJ belts for RM20 if you are looking for something a little more friendly for your pockets.

Head over to AOS Studio now to get your hands on some shiny new gear! While stocks last.

Sign up for a free trial with us. WhatsApp for enquiry.

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