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3 Reasons Why BJJ is Fun for Kids

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

How to get your kids to do physical activity while having fun? Well, BJJ is a lot of fun for kids!

#1 Rolling!

Rolling around is fun! While this is largely forgotten by adults (though not by BJJ enthusiasts), everyone can see this is true for kids. (READ: How BJJ is fun for adults)

BJJ involves a lot of rolling around on mats with a partner in a technical manner so kids usually enjoy it a lot

#2 Fun Games

Our instructors make sure to incorporate lots of fun games that have practical carryover to BJJ into the sessions, so that the kids have fun. The instructors are aware that while learning martial art skills takes discipline, it should also be a fun experience for the kids.

#3 Safe Sparring

Lastly, BJJ allows sparring in a safe fun manner that other striking sports can't do. This is evident that in striking sports, kids are made to wear very large protective head and body gears, and gloves. Whereas in BJJ, no protective gear is usually worn.

BJJ itself is a fun game for kids. It's a physical one-on-one game that kids can learn to play, and is an extremely pure sport in that hardly any equipment is needed, except the gi. As an alternative to staring at a screen, it's great for kids.

Wanna take your kids to have some fun while getting fit? Look no further!

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