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Almost Nearing the End of Our BJJ Fundamentals Course? What Next?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

All right, you did the entire 26 weeks of the fundamentals course. You are feeling confident in the basics, you know you can conquer everything.

While it is always good to practice the fundamentals even when you are not a beginner, perhaps it's time that you take it to the next level...

The all-levels classes may seem a little confusing when you are just starting out. This is why we are introducing the all-levels syllabus at AOS!

Starting from next month in January, the all-levels syllabus is designed for students who are familiar with the techniques in the fundamentals course. The syllabus will rotate on a cycle of 12 topics, covering most of the guards, positions, and submissions. Each topic lasts 2 weeks.

It is designed so that over 2 years, students would have a good overall understanding of all the different Jiujitsu techniques. Moreover, they would be able to pick and choose the kind of style they are most suited to, and build their own game.

Hope to see you at our all new all-levels classes next year!

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