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AOS Studio in March & April Competitions

Two competitions took place 2 weeks apart from each other, which are the Copa da Malasia 14 and Malaysian Grappling League (MGL) on the 19th & 20th of March and 2nd & 3rd of April respectively.

Copa da Malasia is a tournament recognised by the Malaysian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

Three of the grapplers who train with us, namely Jinyoung Kim, Chin Hong, and Gabe Chew were set to compete.

On the first day, the category for MALE GI / BLUE / MASTER 2 (36+) / -88,3 KG (MEDIUM HEAVY) took place.

Jinyoung Kim defeated Dr Jason Leong in both matches to secure the gold medal.

Yes, THAT Dr Jason Leong. His Jiujitsu and pressure is no joke!

Moving on to the second day, Chin Hong and Hanniel Thomas competed in the MALE NO-GI / PURPLE / ADULT / -61,0 KG (LIGHT FEATHER) category.

Chin Hong defeated Hanniel in straight sets to win gold in the category.

In the next category, Gabe Chew took on Alexander Lew in the final of the MALE NO-GI / WHITE / ADULT / -61,0 KG (LIGHT FEATHER) category.

Alexander won via submission, and that concluded that match with Gabe winning silver.

MGL took place 2 weeks after COPA on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

In this tournament, five grapplers who trained with us set out to compete. They are Alastair Lim, Ryan Chok, Gary Chow, Anna Lee, and Carmen Chieong.

Anna competed in the FEMALE GI / WHITE / ADULT / -64 KG (LIGHT) category.

Congratulations, Anna for winning bronze!

Next, it is Carmen in the FEMALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / -53,5 KG (LIGHT FEATHER) category.

Carmen made it to the final after defeating Siti Rahimah in the semi-final, where she bagged silver in the category.

Now for the men's category, Alastair participated in MALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / -70 KG (FEATHER).

Alastair won straight sets in the semi-final by defeating Amir Zainuddin, where he won silver after he was defeated by Boo Soon Thiem.

Ryan participated in three categories, which are MALE GI / WHITE / ADULT / -94,3 KG (HEAVY), MALE NO-GI / WHITE / ADULT / -91,0 KG (HEAVY), and MALE ABSOLUTE NO-GI / WHITE / ADULT / OPEN WEIGHT. Talk about hardcore!

In the three categories he partook, he won two silvers and one bronze! The sheer dedication.

Finally, Gary in the MALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / -76 KG (LIGHT) category.

Gary beat his opponent, Razin in two straight sets by submission! Congratulations on your gold, Gary!

AOS Studio would like to give a big congratulations to all grapplers who took part in these competitions!

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