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AOS Studio in MGL (June 2022)

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

An eventful weekend it was, the Malaysian Grappling League (MGL) took place on the 4th and 5th of June. Representing AOS Studio, Alastair Lim, Jacob Kim, Carmen Chieong, Anna Lee, and Masa Jozuka competed in various categories.

Alastair Lim

Competing in the MALE NO-GI / BLUE / ADULT / -67,0 KG (FEATHER) category, Alastair advanced into the semifinal after beating his opponent, Juri in 52 seconds by submission in the quarterfinal. In the final, he won Ben Wong with a submission again with 18 seconds on the clock, bagging his first medal in this tournament and gold in the category!

Alastair competed in his second category in MALE ABSOLUTE NO-GI / BLUE / ADULT / OPEN, where he advanced into the finals after defeating his opponents in the quarterfinal and in the semifinal via submission and points respectively. In the finals, he faced Almoatasem who won by submission just before the 3rd minute. Alastair bagged silver and his second medal in the tournament.

Of the 4 matches he won in the both categories, 3 of the were won via submission. How impressive is that! Congratulations, Alastair! 🥇🥈

Jacob Kim

So we had Alastair in the blue belt no gi, now moving on to Jacob who took part in two gi categories. The first one being the MALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / -82,3 KG (MIDDLE) category, Jacob beat his opponent, Kenneth by submission a little over the 2 minute mark. In a dramatic final against Faiz which ended in 0-0, the match was awarded to Faiz by referee decision. Jacob wins silver for this category.

On to his next category, Jacob competed in the MALE ABSOLUTE GI / BLUE / ADULT / OPEN WEIGHT, where he defeated Juri and Patrick in the quarterfinal with a 20-0 score and semifinal with a 10-0 score respectively. Advancing into the final, he faced Almoatasem, who won the open weight no gi final against Alastair. The match was over in just a little over 1 minute, Almoatasem won the match with yet another submission.

Jacob earns his second silver medal in this tournament. Congratulations, Jacob! 🥈🥈

Carmen Chieong

Carmen competed against SEA Games athlete, Bless in the FEMALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / -53,5 KG (LIGHT FEATHER) category. Carmen won silver after losing in two straight matches.

Following that, she also competed in the FEMALE ABSOLUTE NO-GI / BLUE / ADULT / OPEN WEIGHT category. In the first match against Jia Ying from Singapore, Carmen won the match via submission with 36 seconds on the clock, advancing into the final. Carmen got her second silver medal in the tournament after she lost in the final against Christy.

Well done, Carmen! 🥈🥈

Anna Lee

Anna partook in the FEMALE GI / WHITE / ADULT / -64 KG (LIGHT) against Daphne from Australia. The category was in a best of three bracket type, and Daphne won 2 straight matches to achieve her gold in the category. Congratulations to Anna for getting silver.

Well done, Anna. You did so well! 🥈

Masa Jozuka

Masa all the way from Japan came to train with us decided to give it a go in the MALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / -70 KG (FEATHER) category. Masa was lost in the quarterfinal by Adriano in a match that lasted the whole 6 minutes. It was a good game and a tough match, and we are proud to see Masa competing under our academy out there.

Well done, Masa! 👏👏👏

Congratulations to all of our grapplers in MGL. You all did amazing! It doesn't matter if you win or you lose, take it as an experience, learn from it, and you will come back stronger. 💪

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