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AOS Studio Welcomes Prof Fitri to the Team

We're pleased to announce the arrival of Prof Fitri to AOS Studio as our third black belt head coach alongside Prof Ren and Prof Neo.

A little about our new coach, Prof Fitri...

Prof Fitri is a black belt under Prof Pedro Falbo. Prof Fitri started his BJJ journey since 2010, he taught in many prominent BJJ schools across Asia.

This includes Kaohsiung BJJ in Taiwan, Trifecta Martial Art in Singapore, CRT Gym in Thailand, and Sky BJJ in China.

Along with his experience gained in international coaching, he has also been competing since a young age! Fitri has won in many prestigious tournaments, such as:

🥇 2018 ASJJF Guangzhou Open

🥈 2017 Sabah Grappling Quest

🥉 2019 ASJJF Saigon

How impressive is that!? And yes, he is highly experienced in teaching kids. (READ: BJJ for kids in AOS Studio)

Rest assured, that your babies' BJJ development are well taken care of by Prof Fitri.

He's also teaching beginner friendly BJJ Fundamentals Course that we recommend even the experienced practitioners to come sharpen up their techniques.

Don't wanna miss this week's class!

Inspired to have your child/yourself start learning BJJ? Why not come over for a free trial?

WhatsApp us for enquires.


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