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Celebrate Christmas in November with Memejitsu

Good news, guys! Christmas came early, because Memejitsu just released their limited edition Holiday Series.

You may notice some fancy pants that's been making waves in the MMA & BJJ scene. (Read more: what the heck is Memejitsu)

Lucky for us, they just released their latest limited edition Christmas collection. Available for order now!

1. Rainbow Farts

Rundolph got nothing on these Unicorns!

2. Santa Memejitsu

Be the Santa who is going to choke all the naughty kids this year.

3. It's Christmas!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Time to be a good boy/girl and wear Memejitsu Christmas edition this year to make it into Santa's Nice List 🎅🏻📜✍🏻

Look how adorable the packaging is! 'Tis the season to treat yourself to a little present...

It's also the perfect Christmas gift for your favourite training partner or your gym crush 😉

Hurry up, and get this limit edition collection on their website now! Enter the discount code "AOSXMEME" to get 10% off your purchase!

Follow their IG @wear.memejitsu to stay updated with new designs.

Need somewhere to wear these fight shorts? Come train at AOS in your Memejitsu pants!

Free trial available, WhatsApp for enquiries!


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