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Claim up to RM2500 Income Tax Relief from Your Gym Membership

Income tax season is coming soon, have you filed your taxes yet?

Under lifestyle purchases, the purchase of sports equipment for sports activity and payment of gym membership has a claim limit of RM2500. Basically, with any purchases of sports equipment for sports activities under the Sports Development Act 1997, you are entitled to the tax relief, and this includes purchases of gym memberships!

Moreover, you can also get tax relief up to RM500 from expenses related to sports activity for self. For example, you can claim participation fees from competitions and tournaments, if the organiser is approved and licensed by the Commissioner of Sports under the Sport Development Act 1997.

So, if you are a member of AOS, you should receive a receipt every month 'of your billing cycle via email. Please ask for assistance if you are unable to find your receipt.

Want to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle, and get income tax relief? Sign up for a gym membership at AOS Jiujitsu now! (Fit and healthy means you have to come to training and keep to a balanced diet, ok!)


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