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Trouble Free Training at AOS Studio!

Adding something as important as fitness into your daily routine shouldn't be a hassle. Yet, there may be some obstacles that make you feel like it's too troublesome to go to the gym.

AOS Studio wants you to feel comfortable when you're coming over to train!

1. FREE Parking

Our team has constantly reminded us that one of the best things about AOS is that we have FREE PARKING! While we wished it was our good looks, we know that it's a huge convenience for our members.

Looking for parking at most gyms takes a lot of time and it is often expensive. You're already paying for a gym membership, and you still gotta fork out a few bucks each time you visit the gym? No thanks!

Due to this, some of our members have let us know that they chose to train at AOS rather than a gym that is closer to them. According to them, it is actually quicker for them to arrive at the gym when they don't have to look for a parking spot and walk.

2. Nice Clean Mat Space

AOS Studio's main mats are not only nice and clean, but they also have extra foam and floorboards underneath for the extra cushion and bounce that very few other gyms have.

These make the mats ideal for rolling around, and much more comfortable than just thin mats laid on the floor like at most gyms. They're also cleaned regularly!

3. Air Conditioning

It is rare for BJJ gyms to have air conditioning, but AOS is fully air conditioned for those unbearably hot KL days. However, some instructors and members prefer the heat to work up even more of a sweat!

4. Hot Showers, Male And Female Restrooms

We know some of our members need to go to work after morning classes, or don't want to sweat up their car after evening classes... Good thing that we have male and female restrooms with hot showers in each! Making sure that our members feel refreshed after rolling.

Besides convenient facilities, AOS Studio also offers FREE trial if you'd like to give BJJ a try.

WhatsApp us for more info.

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