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AOS updates for 27/2/22

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone some updates.

New Classes

1. Monday and Wednesday 7am classes were previously required to be pre-booked with minimum 3 people before, but they are now regular classes. No need for min 3 pax any more.

2. We will be adding a class on Saturday from 11am to 12.30pm starting in March. Open mat will be right after at 12.30 to 2pm for those who want to roll.

3. We will be adding a Friday 7am class which does require 3 people to be pre-booked to run for the time being. As we are getting more members, we will look to make this regular as well. Special shout out to the morning crew!

New Instructors

4. To support the new classes, we also have some new instructors!

Some of you have already met Khyn as he taught class last Monday. Khyn has kindly agreed to teach Monday nights for March. Thankfully with his mustache intact after yesterday’s match.

The Wednesday 7am class will be taught by Journ Tang, who is a brown belt under Lachlan Giles.

And the Saturday 11am class will be taught by Adam Akasyah who you all might already have met or know.

All three of them are active competitors, have experience as instructors and are nice guys.

Neo and Ren our head instructors will communicate and coordinate with all the instructors to make sure what they are teaching fits into an overall plan.


Thank you again so much for your support! We are looking to add more classes going forward as we sign up more members. Please do recommend us to your friends! If you have any feedback, please do message us to let us know.

Thank you


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