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Halfway into Our BJJ Fundamentals Course, is it Already Too Late to Join?

We completed 13 out of 26 weeks of our BJJ Fundamentals Course, now we are entering week 14!

Can you believe that we're already halfway into our BJJ Fundamentals Course? Time flies when you're having FUN... pun intended.

So, what have we covered so far? Here's a recap of the first 6 weeks of the Fundamentals Course.

Followed by...

Chapter 3: Close Guard

Week 7: Close Guard Sweeps

Week 8: Close Guard Attacks I

Week 9: Close Guard Attacks II

Week 10: Close Guard Passes

Chapter 4: Half Guard

Week 11: Half Guard Sweeps

Week 12: Half Guard Attacks Week 13: Half Guard Passes

So, last week on the chapter of half guard, we finished the chapter off with lessons in passing from half guard. If you missed the aforementioned lessons, no worries! The lessons will circle back after 6 months, so it's never too late to join.

Chapter 5: Open Guard

For the 14th week of BJJ Fundamentals, and the first lesson in this new chapter, we will be learning about open guard sweeps.

Ready to be like our mat enforcer, and be a guard wizard? No one shall be able to pass your guard once you mastered this technique!

Join us this week for BJJ Fundamentals, first timer and beginners are welcome!

New to AOS? Sign up for a one week FREE trial.

For more information, please reach out to us on WhatsApp.


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