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If You are a Guard Puller, You Might Wanna Read This...

Do you want to be like Prof Ren who only knows how to pull guard?? No, right!? It's time to work on your takedown game...

A double leg take down in BJJ. (image source)

How do you normally start off your matches?

Ah, you are a guard puller. What happens when your opponent is also a guard puller? Well, chances are you both end up seated on the ground...

Practicing BJJ does not mean that you rely on pulling guard to get the upper hand. Get better at your takedowns by practicing wrestling!

What is Wrestling?

Wrestling is a grappling martial art, where two grapplers use various techniques to subdue or unbalance one another. Basically, you take them down and pin them.

There are some similarities between wrestling and BJJ, where a takedown can help you gain control of your opponent. From there, you are able to pin them and stay dominant. However in BJJ, when you established a dominant position, the goal is to go for the submission.

Incorporating Wrestling in Your BJJ

BJJ practitioners will definitely benefit from training in wrestling, as it helps develop your BJJ techniques. Cross training in wrestling with BJJ can also help improve your takedowns, base, awareness, and cardio.

By incorporating wrestling into your BJJ, not only would your attack be more effective, your defence would also improve when you develop a sense of balance that will prevent you from being swept/taken down so easily.

Besides that, a wrestling and BJJ combo would be very useful in a self-defence scenario. Almost all fights start standing up, and to defuse the fight effectively is to get the aggressor to the ground. Performing a takedown on them would be the most effective way. Well, you probably wouldn't pull guard at a street fight, right?

Unless you want to ask your opponent climb atop you like in this scene from The Simpsons...

So, are you a guard puller who wants to switch up your fight strategy a little?

Good news, AOS Studio now offers Wrestling Classes every Sunday! Book a session now.

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