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Jo Celebrates Her Birthday with BJJ!

Back in March, one of our members celebrated her birthday at AOS Studio. Jo invited her friends to her BJJ themed party to have some fun!

Miran giving explanation to the Jo's friends about what makes an effective mount.

Started out with a simple demonstration, how would you react if a burglar broke into your home and sat on you while his accomplice steals all your valuables?

While, it's a natural reaction for everyone to struggle to escape, but depending on the size of the person on top, it might be futile. However, if you trained in BJJ, your first reaction would usually be HIP ESCAPE. With the right techniques, you could topple a bigger person over while you run away to safety!

Now we reverse the situation a little bit, a burglar broke into your home and you need to sit on them while your family member calls the cops. How long can you hold them down to prevent them from running away?

Maybe come over to AOS Studio for a free trial, and we will tell you how to effectively mount on a person. 😉

Now that was all over with, time for some refreshments! A nice outdoor spot for some fresh air too. After a workout, I think everyone would appreciate a nice post-workout meal.

Thanks, Jo for having us for your birthday party. Thanks to all of Jo's friends for giving BJJ a try. What a way to get your friends to try out your favourite sport!

Thought about getting your friends to try out BJJ or just wanna come for a roll?

Contact us for enquiries.


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