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Live Out Your Childhood Dream Through BJJ

I'm sure a lot of you really like playing video games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and so on... OR watched anime like Naruto, Dragonball, Demon Slayer... OR watched Jackie Chan or Jet Li films back in the day...

Screencap of the video game, Street Fighter IV (source)

I'm sure some of you wished all that stuff was real.

Well you know what? BJJ is like a real life version of that!

  1. Cool moves and techniques. Check ✅

  2. Different schools with different styles. Check ✅

  3. Wearing a Gi? Check ✅

  4. Technique conquers all? Check ✅

  5. Shouting out the name of the move you're doing? could if you wanted to?

BJJ, like most grappling sports might not seem as easy to understand as video games, movies, and anime, but it REALLY is the real life version of it.

Rock Lee of the Hidden Leaf Village vs Gaara from the Hidden Sand Village. (source)

When you're rolling in BJJ, you're playing a real life video game with you as the main character!

  1. You'll have to train your character by going to classes

  2. You'll level up by earning stripes and belts like when characters earn points.

  3. Levelling up involves learning new skills/techniques just like in video games.

  4. You can wear different skins/gis.

  5. Different styles beat each other like rock, paper and scissors like in video games as well

So come try out BJJ and live out your childhood dreams!

Really, It's Just So Much Fun!

  1. Rolling around is fun! While this is largely forgotten by adults (though not by BJJ enthusiasts), everyone can see this is true for kids. Let me tell you that it's still really fun as an adult!

  2. BJJ involves a lot of rolling around on mats with a partner in a technical manner. The human body is designed to move!

  3. Lastly, BJJ allows sparring in safe and fun manner that other striking sports can't do. This is evident in striking sports, where people are made to wear very large protective head and body gears and gloves. Whereas in BJJ, barely any protective gear is usually worn.

  4. BJJ is like playing an extremely technical game with lots of strategy, tactics and techniques as described above.

Come and play a real life video game! Come up with strategies, and learn attacks and counterattacks to defeat your opponent.

Still not convinced? Why don't you come and try it out yourselves for FREE at AOS Studio!

Sign up for a free trial, and come roll around with us.

Contact us for more info!


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