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Makoto Ogasawara Returns to KL this June

Hailing from Japan, 3rd degree black belt Professor Makoto Ogasawara will return this June for a seminar in AOS Jiujitsu.

In conjunction with our annual grading ceremony, Prof Makoto will be returning to KL to conduct another seminar.

Prof Makoto is currently the resident head instructor at Taiwan BJJ, and a 3rd degree black belt under Master Wendell Alexander, a 7th degree black belt, one of the founders of Nova União. Prof Makoto brings over 25 years of experience.

Join us to learn from Asia's finest jiujitsu practitioner!

Date: 3 June 2024 (Monday)

Time: 2:30PM

Venue: AOS Jiujitsu, Plaza Damas

All of his previous seminars were very well-received, and had a great turnout. The seminars were attended by jiujitsu practitioners from all over Malaysia!

Take a look at the highlights from when he conducted a seminar on open guard system last year.

During his first visit to KL, he conducted a seminar on guard passing, which received plenty of good reviews from participants.

Get your tickets here now! Sign up for our membership plans to receive RM50 off seminar tickets.

For enquiries, please reach out by calling us +601154312405 or sending us a message on WhatsApp.


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