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One Month into the Fundamentals Course, What Did I Miss?

The 10th of August marks the first week of our BJJ Fundamentals Course.

During that time, Coach Fitri covered the lessons about mount escapes.

Every week covers a different lesson from a position. (READ MORE: BJJ Fundamentals Course in AOS Studio)

Here's a little rundown the first two chapters we covered so far!

Chapter 1: Mount

1.1. Mount Escapes

- How to get out when someone mounts on you.

1.2. Mount Retention

- How to retain the mount position to prevent your opponent from escaping.

1.3. Mount Attacks

- Some submissions that you can do from mount position (e.g. arm triangle, cross collar choke etc.)

Chapter 2: Side Control

2.1. Side Control Escapes

- How to escape when somebody gets a side control on you.

2.2. Side Control Retention

- How to retain a strong side control.

2.3. Side Control Attacks

- Some submissions that you can do from side control (e.g. Kimura, Americana etc.)

Chapter 3: Close guard

This week, we will be covering a completely new chapter on the close guard. Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this week's class.

Learn what you can do in a close guard. (i.e. sweeps, attacks etc.)

If you missed it, it will take another 6 months before it circles back to this lesson!

Many of our members recommend our BJJ fundamentals classes, because it is a structured course that makes it easy for everyone (including newbies) to follow the class!

Due to popular demand, we added BJJ Fundamentals class to our Saturday schedule! Yes, that means that if you can't make it on the weekdays, you still can join us on Saturday at 11am.

New to AOS? Sign up for a one week FREE trial. For more information, please reach out to us on WhatsApp.


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