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Open Mats at AOS Studio Every Saturday

Updated: Sep 19

Open Mats are sessions, where the mats are open for practice and rolling.

Open mats are free of charge for everyone, including non-members. No affiliation needed, so please invite anyone you would like for a roll!

You can train in both gi and no gi during Open Mat.

If you're not looking for a roll, you can also come hang out and spectate.

We advise people to have some basic BJJ training before coming for open mats, as there are no instructors or instructions for these sessions. However, we welcome any new beginners to join if they would like to come and hang out at open mats. (Or sign up for a free trial to learn BJJ)

Currently, we hold regular open mats on Saturday 12pm to 2pm.

There is no instructor and no set instruction at open mats, but they are generally for:

  1. Our members to practice their BJJ (gi or no gi) and roll for fun.

  2. Any visiting BJJ enthusiast to come roll with the team.

  3. Inviting other teams to come train with us.

Oh, and here are several rules at open mats...

Rule #1: DBAA! What we mean is don't be an a**hole when rolling. Not everyone is an "everyday porrada" person, so just be mindful when rolling.

Rule #2: Take care of cleanliness. Wash your gi, wash your feet, and cut your nails!

Rule #3: The most important rule of all... Have FUN!

Open mats are free for all, just book the session that you plan to attend to let us know if you're coming!

WhatsApp us for enquiry.

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