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Schedule Update (April 2022)

Updated: Apr 29

We are pleased to announce that we have added more sessions into our schedule.

Our schedule has additional Positional Sparring on Tuesday and Thursday mornings; Drills on Monday to Thursday evenings respectively.

To those who want to come for drills, you may come with a technique that you want to work on (weak or strong) in mind. During drills, you can practice techniques that you want to include and study in your game.

We also changed Friday morning classes from No Gi to Gi. So we'll be having 5 Gi classes and 3 No Gi classes each week. Positional sparring and drills can be done in gi and no gi.

Big thanks to all of our members who joined us, and contributed to the addition of these sessions. We plan to add even more classes in the future. Feedbacks are always welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you in the coming sessions. Thank you!


For enquiry, feel free to WhatsApp us.

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