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Is Training In A Gi Useful In A Real Life Situations?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I only want to learn self-defence, is it really necessary for me to train in gi?

When we train in a gi, we rely on certain kinds of grips and techniques to control the opponent. In no gi on the other hand, you cannot rely on grips to the lapel or sleeves. So, how realistic is it to apply BJJ gi techniques on a daily basis?

The gi replicates a traditional attire that a Japanese person would wear during that era. A comparable modern attire would be coats or jackets. Well, living in Malaysia means you typically wouldn't see people wearing thick coats in this climate, but that does not mean it is not useful in this day and age. 🤔

Imagine yourself getting dressed neatly to go out to meet with a client... but things didn't go as planned! 🕴🏼

What happens if a business deal go wrong? 😱 Take a look at this:

Some serious stuff! 😤 So, both styles of trainings have its advantages and disadvantages. Training in a gi is as important as in no gi if you're learning BJJ for self-defence. 😂

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