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Finding it Tricky to Get Started in BJJ? AOS Studio's Fundamentals Course is Just for You

Updated: Aug 1

Learning BJJ can be tricky for most beginners as it is quite a technical sport. For kids it might just be fun; but for adults, it is easy for them get lost in the complexity while trying to learn the basics.

Starting Out In BJJ

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Learning BJJ is akin to learning a language. Kids learn it a lot faster just having fun and playing around, while adults generally find it a bit trickier if they aren't as used to learning through trial and error. Is there a better way to learn BJJ at the start?

Fundamentals Course

Starting from the 10th of August, we will be having a fundamentals course that takes about 6 months to complete. The fundamental classes will be from Tuesdays to Fridays, 7pm to 8pm. Every week focuses on one class, and we recommend beginners attend the class at least once or twice a week to learn the fundamentals.

The course aims to cover most of the fundamentals of BJJ such as guard, guard passing, submissions, escapes, takedowns and so on over the 6 month course.

We will also be recording the lessons, so that they are available on the app for our students to revise. The recorded lessons can be viewed at the "Video" tab on the Fix by Wix App.

(Download iOs/Android and enter the code "TEAMAOS" to access). After downloading the app, here's how you can view it.

Our course will allow a completely new beginner to feel comfortable enough to roll, and that they are knowledgeable in the basics of BJJ at the end of the 6 months program. Completing the program gives the students a solid foundation from which they can work with our instructors to build their own individual style.

One Time Only?

While a lot would think that it isn't necessary for our higher belts to attend the fundamentals class, but let's just take what this guy has to say about fundamentals...

You might have heard of him, he's this little known basketball player who did okays back in the day.

So it is the exact opposite, it is highly recommended that higher belts attend these classes, as revising the fundamentals is key. Remember that the devil is in the details, even if you are someone who has been training for ages, there are always tiny details that you might missed. These classes always serve as good reminders.

When does the Course Start?

There is no start date to the course as it continuously cycles, so please come and join us anytime.

Come check out the gym and join the course. Please invite your friends, get free extension to your membership if they sign up!

Contact us for more info.

FREE one week trial available if you'd like to try it out.

See you soon. Oss!

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