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These Shorts have been Taking Over the BJJ/MMA Scene Lately

If you stepped into AOS Studio for training or open mats, you may notice people wearing matching shorts and thought "did I stumble into a cult?" It's not hard to notice the strikingly coloured fight shorts that everyone is wearing...

So, what are these colourful shorts that everyone is wearing lately?

Introducing Memejitsu, a limited edition hilarious meme sports attire filled with nonsense and mostly Malaysian related topic. They released a series of fight shorts that are not only fun in their designs, but super practical too!

The perfect fight shorts for your BJJ/MMA needs:

✅ light weight

✅ side slit for better performance in stretching, kicking, doing splits

✅ elastic waistband

Oh, did we mention that no spats required underneath these shorts? Yeah, it's fitted in a way that you need not worry of a wardrobe malfunction 😉

What would you receive in your order...

Now did someone order nasi lemak? 😆

Oh, let's open the package and take a look what could be inside...

Design #1 - Illuminasi Lemak

Freemason or Malaysia's national dish... 🤔

Design #2 - Kepala Kelapa

Nuts about coconuts?

Design #3 - Telinga Cauliflower

Wear your cauliflower ears like a badge of honour.

Memejitsu is even sponsoring rising MMA stars in the ring! Wear Memejitsu to +100 in your triangle game.

Follow their IG shop @wear.memejitsu to stay updated with new designs. They are currently taking pre-orders so send them a DM now! Oh, if you're an AOS member, you get a little special special discount too 😉

Need somewhere to wear these fight shorts? Come train at AOS in your Memejitsu pants!

Free trial available, WhatsApp for enquiries!


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