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Want to Get Better in BJJ a Lot Faster? Private Tuition Available in AOS Studio!

While we highly encourage most people to attend group classes, we also have private classes available to those who wish to train privately with the coach. Group classes are fun, as there are lots of people to roll with, but we understand that many people would like to do Private Tuition Classes (PTs) with the wide array of advantages that it provides.

PT sessions can be a 1-on-1 training with you and the coach or a private training session with the coach and your small group of friends!

Why Take PT?

PTs allow people to work with the instructor on any specific topic that they wish. A lot of our members might want to work on specific techniques in their game and PTs allow them that.

Also because of the full attention from our instructors, members can get more feedback and correction, learn faster and also learn more material per session.

A lot of our members who compete in tournaments also like to take PTs for preparation, they can work on specific issues that they had previously, or are expecting to come across in the coming competition. Our coaches are experienced when it comes to preparations during competition season.

A Gentle Introduction

For some people, PTs are also a good gentle way to start BJJ. BJJ can seem more intimidating than it is at the start for most, and a lot of people would prefer a smaller, more private setting to start learning.

Some people also want to convince their friends to give BJJ a try, and a PT might be an easier sell for them as well. Many people will find it hard to explain to their friends, what is BJJ. Well, perhaps it's easier to show them! What's not fun about learning a new skill with your friends?

Are PTs Necessary?

Most of our members haven't taken PTs. This includes some of the most technical and accomplished of our team. Hence, in our opinion, PTs are by no means a necessity if you'd like to learn BJJ, but everyone likes to learn in a different style.

So, if PTs are your style, AOS has you covered!

Please contact us if you would like to know more about PTs and our coaches at AOS Studio.

Maybe you prefer group classes, but don't know where to start... Come and join us for a one week FREE trial instead!


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