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Why You Should Get Our Naruto Inspired Gi Now

As you may know, we recently launched our first batch of Naruto inspired AOS custom gis.

Our Naruto inspired gi gives a unique flair and the energy to find their inner ninja.

"Hard work is worthless for those that do not believe in themselves."

✅️ Pearl weave and lightweight for comfort and durability

✅️ Wide range of sizes (kid's sizes available too)

✅️ AOS armband logo for +2 chakra for your Chidori

Stocks are limited, so don't hesitate. Get it at our super affordable promotional price as it is our first batch!

🛒 Available for purchase at our gym or on our website for pick up only (members get a discount code, DM us for the code if you are a member).

Of course, we also have something for the little ones as well!

Our AOS kid's gi ranges from M00 to M4 size, our kid's rash guard on the other hand, ranges from XS to L size.

A rash guard is typically worn underneath the gi to give an extra layer of protection to your child's skin.

Click next to view design details.

Don't miss this opportunity to snag yourself a high quality gi at such a reasonable price!

Hurry, and get yours now. Stocks are limited.


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