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Kids BJJ Belt Ranking System. How are Kids Graded in AOS?

Updated: Feb 23

1. Kids BJJ Belt ranks

The grading system in BJJ for kids typically follows a belt and stripes hierarchy, similar to many other martial arts. The belts progress from white, grey, yellow, orange and green, with each color representing a higher skill level and increased proficiency.

At each belt, kids get stripes on their belts to denote progress as well. 4 stripes are the maximum for each belt before going to the next belt.

2. How are Kids Evaluated for Gradings?

Instructors and coaches observe and assess the kid's progress over time, providing guidance, feedback, and correction to help them improve.

Regular training to improve their skill, attendance, consistent effort and good behavior are important factors in determining when a child is ready for promotion.

3. Gradings

Gradings currently are held four times a year (roughly once per term), where during the grading, the instructors will call the kids who have been training one by one to either give them a stripe or a new belt.

There is no test during the grading as the kids are assessed on their training in the last 3 months. Gradings, stripes and belts are generally great motivation and recognition for the progression that the kids make in the martial art.


At the end of the day, it is the child's effort and consistent training that will earn them their stripes when their time comes. So, keep on training and we will see you in the next grading!

If you are looking to have your child start BJJ, please ask us for a FREE trial class.

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