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AOS Grading July 2023

We had the first of our biannual grading ceremony earlier this month on the 8th of July.

The instructor observed and took note of everybody's progress, and on this day, we celebrated everyone who received their promotions!

First up, we got Arris from the junior category...

He was recently promoted to orange-black belt. Congratulations!

Ezham started training BJJ since 2020, but he wasn't able to train consistently when the pandemic hit. Fortunately, once the whole ordeal was over, he was able to find time to train during the morning and mid day sessions.

A well deserved blue belt for Ezham!

Lennon started training at the tender age of 15 back in Sabah alongside Prof Fitri when they were both white belts... Now at 27, his ex-teammate, now his professor, promoted him to purple belt!

Well done, Lennon!

Lowen who has been a blue belt since 2014 was recently promoted to purple belt by none other than her husband, Prof Neo! It was definitely an endearing sight to see.

Lowen finally joins the Purple Belt gang, alongside her long time training partners, Tiqu and Zhen.

Last but not least, an emotional double promotion for the beloved husband and wife duo of AOS...

Congratulations to Ann and Miran for receiving their blue belt and purple belt respectively. Miran first started training in Vietnam all the way back in 2011, while Ann started training in 2019. As parents of 3 little girls, while running multiple businesses, sometimes life just gets in the way... but they still showed up to training with persistence and enthusiasm.

Once again, a big thank you to all members who always show up to training, and for all your support. Your consistency and hard work will not be in vain, so congratulations to all who received their stripes and belt in this grading!


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