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AOS Studio in MGL (Oct 2022)

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The Malaysia Grappling League (MGL) took place on the 8th and 9th of October.

We had 6 grapplers who represented AOS Studio, 2 adults and 3 kids who made their debut last weekend! Some of them with less than a year of training experience, how courageous!

Almiran Anuar

Miran competed in the men's blue belt lightweight category where he faced Brandon Tan of Checkmat Rotterdam, and won the match. In the final, he faced a familiar face, Gary Chow who represented GFTeam Malaysia in this edition of the tournament. Miran won the silver medal. Good job!

Nicholas Tang

Nicholas who was making his MGL debut, fought in two categories, which are the men's white belt medium heavy and middleweight category. Nicholas won silver in the medium heavy category, after facing Vittorio Furlan. In the middleweight category, Nicholas faced Jien Wong and Nabil Ervine, where he got bronze medal. Well done, Nicholas!

Izz Thaqif

Izz making his debut in the men's white belt open weight category. Izz faced Aiman from Monarchy in the first round, and won. Izz progressed to the semi-final, where he faced Vittorio Furlan from Monarchy, and won the match by submission. He got to the final, and fought against Jien Wong from Legacy, and won the silver medal. Congratulations, Izz!

Ayra Ashly

Ayra also made her debut, and competed in the girl's grey belt junior I category where she won silver. You did so well, Ayra!

Areis Israfael

Areis, the little brother of Akil won bronze in the boy's white belt junior I category. Good job, Areis!

Akil Mikail

Akil defeated Keenan from Lowen BJJ Indonesia in two straight sets to win the gold medal in the boy's white belt junior III category. Congratulations, Akil!

Well done to all of our grapplers! You all did so well. Regardless of the results, we are so proud of you.


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