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BJJ Centric Gym

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Not enough BJJ classes at the gym? Rolling partners not as technical as you like?

AOS Studio is a BJJ focused gym in Klang Valley. By specializing in BJJ, we offer a few more advantages compared to your regular gym.

#1 - More Classes

Firstly, we are able to offer more classes on the schedule for members. This is convenient for those who would like to train more, and it also allows more flexibility for our members in choosing which sessions they are attending.

Can't make it tonight because you have something on? No probs, you can go tomorrow morning when there's a class.

As the team grows, we are aiming to add even more classes along the way!

#2 - Specialized Skills

Being BJJ focused means that we are aiming to grow a team that is specialized and highly skilled in BJJ, as we believe that it is even more fun and rewarding to roll at a higher level!

At most MMA focused gyms, members tend to be more well rounded as they train in other martial arts. While that's great, that also means they tend to be less skilled at BJJ since they don't specialize in the sport.

At AOS Studio, we specialize in BJJ and building a team where the relative skill sets for each belt will be higher because of this.

#3 - Stronger Team Bond

As our members are all here to take part in the same sport, we all have a stronger team bond.

While BJJ is an individual sport when rolling, it really is a team sport when you are only as good as your training partner. Training with the team and even teaching each other is a big part of learning BJJ which adds to the fun.

We also have regular team events for our members to hang out and have fun as it really is a community.

Come and join our BJJ community in AOS Studio!

Contact us and come over for a FREE trial.


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