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Fighting Like a Girl

How many of you heard the phrase "fight like a girl" being used as an insult while growing up?

Well.. well.. well.. look how the tables have turned.

In conjunction with International Women's Day, AOS Studio hosted a series of BJJ classes just for the ladies.

In BJJ, it is also important to know way to escape from compromising positions. Hip escape (or shrimp) when you are on the bottom is particularly useful if someone mounts on you.

The lessons started off with some simple drilling exercises of hip escapes and bridges as warm us to get you used to what is about to come.

After the warm up drills, Coach Tiqu proceeded to teach the importance of passing the guard and showed us an effective way to do it. Next, you control your opponent! In this lesson, Coach Tiqu demonstrated the side control, which effectively restricts the movement of your opponent. Finally, comes the submission.

For our final installment of this month's Ladies Only Jiu-Jitsu, Coach Tiqu taught how to finish your opponent with an Americana.

Coach Tiqu demonstrating an Americana from side control on a student.

There are plenty of benefits to learning BJJ, especially as a woman:

  • self-defence

  • less abdominal cramps during menstruation

  • relieves stress

As a woman myself, I have never tried a more fun and beneficial sport that I enjoy and still keeps me motivated! There is always something new to learn in BJJ.

Regardless of your height, weight or gender, you can defend yourself by controlling your opponent with proper technique and the right skills!

Here's a look on how our Ladies Only Jiu-Jitsu III went!

Thanks to all the ladies who joined us for our Ladies Only Jiu-Jitsu throughout the month. You all are truly superb!

AOS Studio welcomes all to try out BJJ regardless of your gender and level of experience.

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