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Need a Good Way to Relieve Some Stress?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Is life stressing you out? Work causing a lot of drama?

Stress, they say, is a silent killer

74% of people have said they felt so stressed in the past year that they are unable to cope or are overwhelmed. (source)

Most of us will come across stress in our lives, and it's really important to deal with stress in a positive manner.

Bad Ways to Deal with Stress

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From the link/study above, 46% reported that they ate too much or unhealthily. 29% reported that they increased or started drinking, and 16% reported that they started smoking or increased smoking.

These are all clearly really bad ways to relieve stress. In fact, these all probably increase stress. While they may grant you some temporary relief, they will cause more harm in the long run!

A Good Way to Deal with Stress, BJJ!

Instead, try some BJJ to relieve stress! It has many other benefits too, for example: getting fitter, losing weight, making good friends and so on.

Exercise is highly recommended for stress relief, and martial arts is especially common for this. Rolling in BJJ really requires one's full attention. The focus and flow needed really takes away the mind from anything else. Plus, that good endorphins released from training can really help you de-stress.

Building Confidence

BJJ also really helps to not only build physical confidence, but also mental confidence.

Physical Confidence

BJJ requires a sense of mobility and awareness on how to move your body in space with control. BJJ also requires you to physically deal with other people to develop a sense of awareness of other people's movement and learning to read them.

Through this, BJJ assists in developing physical confidence in your own abilities to move, to be aware of other people's body language.

Mental Confidence

Less obvious is the development of mental confidence through BJJ.

You will learn to read what your training partners are trying to do, and how to read their intentions based on their body movements and behaviour.

BJJ is really a physical problem solving game that requires a lot of mental calculations. You get to learn how to solve problems and overcome obstacles in a fun session that they will enjoy. There are of course setbacks as in any game, but you will learn to take these in a positive manner and learn to overcome them with assistance from your instructors.

Come Relieve Some Stress at AOS Studio!

We have had many members who can testify that BJJ is one of the best ways for them to relieve stress. This is because doing physical exercise is known to release endorphin AKA the happy hormone! Hence, after rolling, you may feel happier and more relaxed.

Come and get rid of your stress for FREE. Sign up for a FREE trial now!

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