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Do Your Kids Easily Get Bored of Learning Martial Arts?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Many children start a martial art only to give it up in less than two years. They realize that they have learnt all there is to learn, therefore getting bored. This is especially true of striking martial arts which have less technical depth than grappling martial arts.

BJJ is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting techniques to control an opponent so that one can apply a submission hold on them. (Read more: What is BJJ)

Is BJJ Any Different?

BJJ is unique unlike any other martial arts, where a child can still enjoy it years later when they become an expert. They still won't lose their enthusiasm for it, as there is so much to learn.

​It takes a lot longer to get a black belt in BJJ (10 years on average) compared to a black belt in other martial arts, due to the depth of techniques that can be learnt.

Because of this, BJJ is a martial art unlike other martial arts! Your child won't get bored of learning the skills and technique of the Gentle Art over the years. It truly is an endless learning process.

The benefits of learning an extremely technical skill while at the same time exercising can't be overstated. It keeps kids interested as it is akin to learning to play a very complex real life video game. Adults can benefit and have fun from this as well!

Benefits Of Learning BJJ For Kids

Kids can develop their problem solving skills, how to deal with setbacks, learning modesty and humility as the they train in the martial art.

Want your kids to learn a martial art they won't get bored with? Look no further!

Book your kids a FREE trial with us now. Please WhatsApp us for any enquiries.

Here's a look of what BJJ kids classes are like:


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