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Get Fit and Lose Weight While Having Fun

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

How many of you have a new year's resolution is to get fit and lose weight EVERY YEAR?

A week into exercising, and you're falling asleep mid set...

A study of 800 million activities predicts most new year's resolutions well be abandoned by January 19th (Source). This day, January 19th is known as "Quitter's Day".

Michelle Segar, a Behavioural Expert writes in her book, No Sweat, that, most people have trouble sticking to an exercise routines because really...

...they just don't enjoy them.

Whether you are running on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary bike, or jogging around a park, most cardio workouts seem like running endlessly being on a hamster wheel.

And strength training exercises like lifting weights is just so extremely repetitive...

Enter BJJ

BJJ is a really fun sport to learn, and most people enjoy rolling around playing human chess with one another. It has a lot of in depth techniques so you won't get bored learning and it's just plain fun.

Read this article to know more about how fun BJJ is!

The number one reason that any exercise helps with getting fit and losing weight, is that people MUST stick to it. It's a slow and steady process, but consistency is key. People lose motivation to workout after a while, because they feel bored due to its repetitive nature. However, for the people who start BJJ, they usually stick to it as it's fun! Never a dull moment on the mats, because there is always something new to learn.

The Gentle Art?

Don't be mistaken by its name, the gentle art. While this is true, BJJ is a great workout especially for beginners.

BJJ requires a lot of cardio and bodyweight resistance training through moving your own body weight as well as your training partner's weight too! The varied movements keep the mobility working well.

An AOS Success Story

Just like the entire Malaysia, one of our members, Ryan caught himself stuck in a nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) which limited him from doing physical activities. Like most of us, Ryan gained a lot of weight due to this.

Ryan started his weight loss journey by joining BJJ. Initially, his goal in training was losing weight, but after training for awhile, his goal changed slightly... While weight loss was still on his mind, the reason why he comes to training was simply just because he enjoys it!

Ryan at the Malaysian Grappling League (MGL).

Ryan joined competitions to test himself skill-wise, but they also set new weight targets for him to reach in order to compete in different weight classes. At the last MGL Competition, Ryan participated in three categories. The dedication! (See how Ryan and others who trained at AOS did in competitions here)

Our gym provides a schedule that is conducive for your fitness/weight loss journey, currently with lessons every day of the week. Some of our members would attend two sessions per day, just because of how fun it is! Many of our members have succeeded in losing weight as a side effect of consistent training.

Wanna have fun while getting fit? Look no further! Book your FREE trial with us now.

Feel free to WhatsApp us for any enquiry.


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